Thomas’s Priorities as School Board Member (PICSL)

As a school board member, I will be a strong advocate for:

  • Productivity: Require accountability measures from the superintendent that reflect the district’s priorities with quarterly progress updates.
  • Innovation: Leverage my prior experiences in the tech industry to obtain funding for classroom technology that increases individualized instruction.
  • Community Return on Investment: Emphasize career readiness and college-going culture through Academies and Vocational programs with strong community partnerships.
  • Student Development: Cultivate relationships with the Chamber of Commerce, Community Agencies and citizens to participate in Mentorship programs to address barriers to student achievement and opportunities.
  • Leadership: Become actively engaged with the School Boards Association, the Florida Legislature, and Governor to achieve our legislative priorities.

Thomas’s Plan to Promote Growth And Consistent Excellence

My overall goal is to gain further trust of our employees, parents, students and community members with hopes to increase our student enrollment as well as attract new and effective educators.

For us to promote growth and consistent excellence for our public schools in Gadsden, I plan to work with my fellow board members to implement the following strategies…

  • Leverage the wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities within our multigenerational county and School system by providing a fresh perspective when it comes to innovation, advocacy, and accountability.
  • Advocate for new, effective initiatives such as STEAM curricula to prepare our students to meet the demands in the current competitive, global society and aide in attracting companies to our county by preparing a quality workforce.
  • Enhance our relationships with community organizations and businesses so our partnership drives these entities to make investing back into our public schools a high priority.
  • Develop a creative budgeting process that incorporates external sponsorships and investments to ensure our district is adequately resourced to enhance the quality of learning while shifting funds to upgrade facilities and increasing teacher salaries
  • Fund GCPS’s public relations team to publicize the great work of our effective educators, leaders, scholars and also aide the district in addressing concerns of the community in a more timely manner.
  • Capitalize on our proximity to two world-class research universities, Florida A&M University and Florida State University, by using faculty and doctoral students with expertise in rural education to expand our approach to education beyond Robert Marzano evaluation ideology, connecting us to emerging research on rural education and support our district in being a model for others to follow.